How do I know my rights in regard to having my work published in the magazine?

Please read our page here about your rights as an artist.

Are there types of content that I cannot submit to Southwinds?

This is a journal published at a college campus. All submissions are subject to approval from Southwinds staff. Any submission containing inappropriate, hateful, violent, or material otherwise deemed unacceptable to publish will be rejected. Please be mindful of content contained within your submissions and whether or not this is the appropriate place to seek publication for it.

Can I use AI in the content I submit to Southwinds?

AI can be used as a tool, but the content you submit (written, artistic, audio/video) must be your own. If you have questions, please see the US Copyright Office and/or email

What file types are accepted for submissions?

Submissions can be submitted in the following file types: pdf, png, jpg, mp4, mp3, .gif, .doc, or .dox

Can I submit multiple pieces for consideration?

If you would like to submit multiple pieces, please compile them into one document as appropriate. You may also fill out the form multiple times, but please be consistent in how you complete it.

Is there a word limit on written submissions?

Please limit written submissions to 2500 words

Can work with multiple contributors be submitted?

For pieces with multiple authors/contributors, please contact for how to submit

Will I be compensated for my work?

Our magazine cannot provide compensation for published work.

Do you have to use my legal name in the publication?

Although we do need to collect your real name for legal reasons, you may choose to use a pen name, use a pseudonym or remain anonymous when we publish your work.

What if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us via email at